Nadia Nadim for Scandinavian Airlines

I've met a lot of sportspeople in my time but I'm not sure I'll ever meet one as inspirational as Nadia Nadim. An Afghan refugee, Danish football international, trainee surgeon, speaker of nine languages and Manchester City's current number 10.

It was great to work with renowned sports journalist Claire Bloomfield and Swedish design agency Off The Wall on this commission for Scandinavian Airlines.


Jimmy Banks for Royal Bank of Scotland

Portraits of Jimmy Banks for the Royal Bank of Scotland magazine. Jimmy transformed his life through healthy eating and exercise. We shot these pictures at Worthington Lakes in Wigan, Jimmy's usual running route.

Sortimo for WirtschaftWoche

A recent assignment for German business magazine WirtschaftWoche (Business Week) looking at the effects of Brexit on German firms operating facilities in the UK. I visited van racking company Sortimo in Warrington alongside journo Sascha for some reportage.

Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown.jpg

Shot at the opening of Shipwreck Drawings at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester 

Cecily Brown: Shipwreck drawings

This is an exhibition of a extraordinary series of drawings by Cecily Brown, of wrecked ships and their passengers. Brown’s practice of painterly interrogation of an existing image, here takes on one of the most celebrated paintings in the world; Gericault’s The Raft of the Medusa, 1819. Also taking inspiration from other Old Masters, notably Delacroix, Brown re-examines human presence, figuration and representations of maritime tragedy throughout history.

17 November – 15 April 2018

Research Matters Magazine

As much as I seem to spend  my entire life checking websites to see if they've been updated since I last checked thirty seconds ago, and I've spent the last months square-eyed setting up this new website; it never gets boring to see your work printed on actual, physical, inky paper. Especially if that paper goes on to be published. So, I was delighted to pick up the latest edition of MMU's Research Matters magazine.

Stu Wilkin of THMedia and I started working on the first edition of this publication many years ago now, so I was pleased to see my work still featuring heavily in it and to see that after a recent redesign it's looking better than ever.

Many thanks to Jackie Rees and the staff at Manchester Metropolitan University's Department of Health and Social Care for their co-operation with the shoots.

Many thanks to Jackie Rees and the staff at Manchester Metropolitan University's Department of Heaslth and Social Care for their co-operation with the shoots.

The Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn was in Manchester yesterday for the launch of the Labour election campaign. I caught up with the campaign bus in my home town of Wythenshawe.

David Cameron came here and someone waved an imaginary gun at him, cue a frenzy of demonising 'chavs' and hoodies all over the papers. Corbyn turns up, gets treated like a returning hero and guess what? No one's bothered.

If only everywhere was like Wythenshawe, the people of Wythenshawe might stand half a chance...

Night at the Museum

A commission from Manchester Museum to document a recent evening event as part of the Adult Programme. The highlight for me was a cyanotype workshop by Angela Tait and Ian Clegg of ATIC. These days the UV tubes they use to expose the images are considered a Health & Safety concern, yet it wasn't long ago they were used in sunbeds!


It's well worth checking out the Museum Meets programme for upcoming evening social events where artists, scientists, film makers, writers and musicians animate the collections in special one-off performances.